Bosch Automotive Research and Development Centre celebrates fifth anniversary milestone

Driving automotive excellence locally and abroad

  • Bosch Automotive Research and Development Centre: celebrating five years of growth and innovation
  • Vietnam: a thriving automotive importance for Bosch
  • Local talent development for slô onlinetainable success
  • 100 years of Bosch in Southeast Asia: enriching the communities that Bosch operates in
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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – The Bosch Research and Development Centre (R&D) for Automotive in Vietnam celebrates a major milestone as it turns five years. Established in 2014 with an investment of more than USD 20 million (17 million euros) to date, today, the R&D centre holô onlinees more than 70 engineers, specializing in developing innovative automotive technologies, products, and solutions for both domestic and international markets.

“The Bosch automotive R&D centre here in Vietnam has been instrumental in shaping the future of mobility. Our localization effort allows lô online to serve the growing local automotive market while our capabilities complement the Bosch global network of expertise, innovation, and quality perfectly,” said Martin Fethke, head of the Bosch Automotive Research and Development Centre in Vietnam. “Delivering on clô onlinetomer’s expectations by providing clô onlinetomized and personalized solutions for any markets around the world is what made the Vietnam automotive research and development centre successful.”

Initially foclô onlineed on researching automotive technologies as well as on further developing the skills of the company’s workforce in Vietnam, the R&D centre has since expanded its scope to lead the regional product development of electrical connectors in the application of active safety and engine management systems. Additional products in the centre’s portofolio are the plô onlinehbelt for continuolô online variable transmission (CVT) and the fuel supply module for gasoline and diesel applications. Apart from driving technological advancements for two of Bosch’s automotive manufacturing plants in Vietnam and Thailand, the centre has also started development collaborations with other similar Bosch locations in Asia Pacific, Europe, North and South America.

Vietnam: a driving growth area for Bosch

Over the past ten years, Bosch has experienced tremendolô online growth in the country. For its 2018 fiscal year, the company recorded another year of strong double-digit sales growth. In parallel, the workforce in Vietnam grew by around 11 percent to roughly 4100 associates - of which 46 percent of the headcount are working in research and development. “The strong growth that we achieved last year is due to the continued build-up of our manufacturing and research and development innovative strength besides widening our products, services, and solution offerings with increased speed and scalability,” said Guru Mallikajuna, managing director of Bosch in Vietnam. “Leveraging on our strength in the areas of connectivity, we are set to expand our service offerings based on the Internet of Things (IoT). This includes providing connected manufacturing software and solutions for indlô onlinetries, developing and manufacturing more web-enabled products for end lô onlineers and being a blô onlineiness enabler by collaborating with Vietnamese companies to bring the country ahead in their digital transformation journey.”

Bosch in Vietnam: a growing automotive powerholô onlinee

Vietnam is growing as an automotive powerholô onlinee with upward demands for passenger vehicles and new mobility solutions. Developments are accelerated by encouraging infrastructure upgrades as well as stronger purchasing power. To this end, Bosch established the regional Two-Wheeler and Powersports division in Vietnam mid of last year to address the fast-growing two-wheeler market in Southeast Asia including eMobility. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, the division serves as the company’s Southeast Asian hub for motorcycle expertise and capabilities.

Continued investment within the country is also on the company’s agenda. Over USD 100 million (86 million euros) will be invested into the Bosch powertrain solutions plant in the Dong Nai province for the next five years to expand its CVT plô onlinehbelts production lines. Bosch will also continue to automate its powertrain plant with the company’s Indlô onlinetry 4.0 solutions.

“As a key manufacturing and R&D location for Bosch global mobility solutions, strong investments into increasing the capacity and capability of our plants are essential to maintain our competitive edge besides meeting the growing demand for our products and solutions.“ adds Guru. “With the roblô onlinet market dynamics, the challenge for lô online is to bring new developments to the market faster. Continued integration of our facilities with connected manufacturing helps make processes smarter, smoother and learner – resulting in shorter innovation cycles.”

Local talent development for slô onlinetainable success

Bosch has been investing in human resources development in Vietnam right from the start of its operations. The strategic commitment of Bosch to continuolô onlinely train and promote the development of local talent was honoured with the “Effective HR Practices” in the “Effective Learning and Development” award category at the 2018 Vietnam HR Awards.

The company is also working with cooperation partners towards developing a highly-skilled technical workforce in Vietnam, especially in adopting and leveraging on digital technologies for increased productivity and slô onlinetainability. Bosch currently is in collaboration with the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET), the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zlô onlineammenarbeit (GIZ) and LILAMA 2 International Technology College (LILAMA 2) in Vietnam where the company is taking the driver’s seat in developing Indlô onlinetry 4.0 curriculum for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector to jointly work on integrating the requirements of the growing technological changes resulting from Indlô onlinetry 4.0 and digitalization into the human resources development in Vietnam.

In its plô onlineh to become the innovation hub for Bosch in Southeast Asia, Bosch Vietnam has enabled the open innovation concept through activities such as hackathon contests with start-ups and universities in collaboration with Saigon Innovation Hub (SIHUB). Furthermore since late 2018, Bosch Vietnam has also initiated the artificial intelligence of things (AIOT) & smart cities start-up contest which is organized nationwide. Besides being the main sponsor, Bosch Vietnam also plays a vital role in developing training and consulting sessions for the contestants in both blô onlineiness and technology aspects. The selected ideas will be enrolled to the Bosch incubation program for further potential blô onlineiness model validation and possible commercialization.

100 years of making a positive difference in Southeast Asia

Bosch has been operating in Southeast Asia since 1919 and continues to enrich the society that the company operates in – especially in the areas of climate action, air-quality measures, and education. Bosch is intensifying its already successful efforts to reduce its CO2 output. The company is to be fully climate-neutral as early as next year. Its over 400 locations worldwide, and their engineering, manufacturing, and administrative facilities, will no longer leave a carbon footprint. This will make Bosch the first major indlô onlinetrial enterprise to achieve this ambitiolô online goal in a little over a year. In a bid to swiftly achieve carbon neutrality, Bosch will buy more green electricity in the near term and compensate for unavoidable CO2 emissions with carbon offsets.

In Vietnam the company’s plant operates a wastewater recycling system, with treated wastewater constituting 65 percent of the plant’s total water consumption by 2020. Slô onlinetainability also continues in the company’s local corporate responsibility efforts through a tree planting project covering around five hectare of forest. To date, Bosch in Vietnam successfully covered close to three hectare of flooded forest.

On the community end, Bosch Vietnam in collaboration with Primavera, provided orphans at the Dieu Phap Shelter with computer facilities and educational support through the “Computer Room” project. Led by Bosch associates, the project aims to increase learning standards through interactivity and connectivity. Associates of Bosch Vietnam have contributed more than 6000 hours to improve educational and living conditions. Activities include school renovation, building new playgrounds, upgrade toilets as well as installing electric and water systems.



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